Expert Advice to Manufacturing

We provide specialist skills and services to manufacturing businesses through an alliance of independent providers that have been carefully assessed so that you can be confident that their advice will be suitable for your business – whatever phase its at Start-up, Growth, Established, Challenged, or Winding Down. Alternatively you may just be interested in changing provider of a core service – such as photocopiers, sign maker, insurance, and equipment maintenance.

Establishing and developing a manufacturing business requires not only technical expertise in the product, the materials and the processes but also a host of skills to protect your investment and help the business succeed.

We believe that advisors should be local to the business; not only does this mean that visits can be arranged promptly but also the advice reflects what’s happening in the local economy – so we focus our services on businesses in Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Somerset. In addition to the area being a really great place to live the region is home to a wealth of manufacturing businesses who succeed because of the excellent location.

What’s your Headache?

Whatever your problem TEAM probably has someone who can help – please use the following link to indicate the area of concern and an appropriate advisor will give you a call, in confidence.

Business Phases

TEAM: The Expert Advisors in Manufacturing, aims to provide a single point of reference for all the specialist services you need now or as your business develops and changes. The stages of the business life cycle may not occur in chronological order. Some businesses will quickly go from start-up to exit; others will choose to avoid expansion and stay in the established stage.

If being wise is to learn from one’s mistakes then genius is to learn from other people’s errors – TEAM advisors will use their expertise to help you avoid following the failed footpaths.

Success or failure depends on your ability to adapt to change recognise opportunities. What you focus on and overcome today will change in the future. Expert advice and support from TEAM will help you foresee coming challenges, make and implement the best business decisions.

Whether you make finished products or components for others to use there will be times when you’ll need help. Here are some of the ways our experts can help during the life of your business;

– Intellectual Property, legal advice to protect your investment
– Finding premises and negotiating leases etc. on premises at terms that suit you not just the agent/owner
– Initial finance
– Business planning

– Business strategy
– Identifying customers through business intelligence
– Recruiting and retaining personnel
– Formalising systems – safety, quality, efficiency
– Insurances – for the business and its people
– Investment for growth
– Marketing – web presence, printed materials
– Identify suitable premises to accommodate your business needs
– Pension arrangements
– Developing the team and the individuals
– Training, learning and development
– The use of technology
– Efficiency projects streamlining processes and procedures
– Handling disputes – with employees, customers, suppliers, competitors etc.

– Managing the people through the business
– Maintaining momentum and avoiding stagnation

– The fresh perspective of an independent adviser will help you decide whether the decline is terminal or if it just needs a change of direction to revitalise the business.

– This the big opportunity for you to cash in on all the effort and years of hard work or it can mean shutting down the business. Either way you need to act responsibly.


TEAM is available to help your company become more efficient and profitable. We invite you to arrange a meeting with our advisors who can assist with the challenges and problems facing the manufacturer today. With an increasingly competitive market,  let TEAM help guide your company on its path to growth.